Congratulations To Chelsea FC – Sello Mphahlele

As painful as it is to quote a former Manchester United player, French footballer Eric Contana is quoted having said, “You can change your wife, your politics, but never, never can you change you favourite football team”. As someone who has supported the same teams for as long as I can remember being into fooball, this is something I believe. The science of how that team is decided in is absolutely inexact and, often, stems from those who came before us.

My brother is a Manchester United supporter. I honestly can have many opinions about how it came about that I support Chelsea, He influenced more of my football choices, because I’ve always wanted to hold left when he held right, in football team choices, to build good arguments about football when we bring it up, I remember he was a die hard fan of Samuel Eto, and I loved Drogba, the feuds were bliss and interesting, and they helped us grow with the great love for football.

Even though I grew up in a part of the world where and at a time when we generally weren’t able to watch matches on television, when it comes to the English Premier League, I have always backed Chelsea FC.

These were days when we partly listened to football on radio “Local football”, and followed international leagues from magazine pieces. The first time I remember actually watching a full Chelsea game on television was when we had to wait hours at night for a game to play on e-tv, and strictly when it’s Uefa, I know that I caught up match highlights and possibly some games but first time I truly connected with the team “visually” was 2006. From that moment, I’ve tried to watch as many Chelsea games as humanly possible, most of it in 2008/09 season and 2009/10 season. My weekends are designed around their games, unless if maybe I haven’t planned my schedule.

And I have yet to visit Stamford Bridge and stand on the Kop screaming ” The Blues” but my day will come. Until then, I will continue to sit on the edge of the couch, supporting through joy and anguish, disappointment and happiness, good times and bad times, through sickness and health… Congratulations to Chelsea FC… 2016/17 Premier League Champions.

Well Deserved Boys.

We need it 16 times From Now


I am the Blues fan, A devotee to blueprint albums, and a blue bulls fan – SELLO MPHAHLELE


Our influences often subtly guide our decisions in and perspectives of the world. Friday, 2nd of September 2016, was the day I wouldn’t say I could forget. It was the day I really looked forward to, after scoring a rugby game ticket on the 1st of September 2016, I wasn’t okay because of flu, but I heard it in me, ” I’ll be in the stadium no matter what” – Whispering. I was happy to be part of the happiest people who love rugby as a sport, to recreate and connect with each other for too many reasons, that some were similar to mine, and some were distinguished as different, I had an unimaginable fun for a fact, I was outcast with the sport after all the amateur games I’ve had a chance to watch, both live and on TV, except for the last world cup tournament, South Africa took. Always starred and re – imagined, without re – evaluating, thought to it, answered myself, without knowing I’m wrong or right, we are just as different, the question was why does the blue eyes scream and shout the sport this much, my observation after entering Loftus versveld was, the sport is for the brave. I’ve heard of many and played few contact sports but rugby re – defines what’s contact in sports.

The aim is not to injure one another, but it looks so. I hit you hard because you have the oval shape ball and everybody else in the pitch is chasing after it, and fact is, I let you with it you’ll humiliate my team.

It taught me life’s a bit like a rugby game — you won’t get very far unless you know where the goal posts are.

Obstacles don’t stop you!!! if you run into a wall don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it and work around it….

I supported Blue bulls, and it came out victorious to Xerox Golden Lions, score 31 – 17. I admit – Life is an endless experience, really explored in a great Loftus versveld atmosphere.

It was a symbolic setting I’ve found. I am a Blue Bulls: fan